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Attach yourself to only what matters

Most of the time, internet points don’t matter.

Upvotes, downvotes, likes, hearts, poop emojis… They only have power over our mind if we let them. If we obsess about them.

If we attach ourselves and our sense of self worth to follower counts or other external metrics, chances are there are some other things we should be dealing with.

Maybe work isn’t fulfilling or clearly defined. Or relationships suffer. Or diet is off and you don’t exercise. All these imbalances can bring us closer to the steady drip-drip-drip of dopamine.

Detach from that. Take a breath. Remind yourself that it don’t matter much.

What really matters to you? Think about it.

What results of your work matter?

What people matter to you?

What moments and experiences matter to you?

These are the things we should allow our minds be attached to.

Obsess over what matters and do those things right. Take all else lightly and in stride.