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Embrace conditional optimism

Optimism leads to a longer, happier life.

But it may be a little hard to remain optimistic with the media magnifying the negative 1000x and internet outrage spreading it.

Conditional optimism is a strategy to counter that.

It’s based on the fact that if we do certain things, we will get certain results. An action produces a reaction. With habits and systematic approach, this will lead to outcomes we want.

If we do X, we’ll most likely get Y.

Without doing anything, there is no reason for optimism. But if we focus on what how we act every day, we can cultivate a sense of optimism, carefully, recognizing that it is contingent on consistent action.

The more we do things that yield good results, the more optimistic we can be.

Want to have a better, more positive outlook? Don’t passively check social media, do something.