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This is your montage moment

This is your montage moment

Training montages are fun. From Rocky to Kung Fu Panda, they showcase how the underdog transforms into the hero. Months are compressed into minutes.

But real life can't be compressed so easily. All we can do is focus on each shot of the montage. Imagine someone was making a montage out of your creative process. Could they get a shot or two today?

Shot 1: you, standing in front of a whiteboard. Shot 2: you, mulling a problem over on a walk.

That's it for the day. Two shots to add to the montage. On their own, 2 shots aren't much. But in a montage they hit different. Like Rocky.

But let's get off the director's seat and step in front of the camera now.

This is your montage moment. Right now, as you sit, mildly interested, staring at the screen, reading these words.

Stop reading now and add a shot to your montage.